Benefits of Using Solar Panels to Harness Solar Energy

Solar Energy in its simplest explanation is energy derived from the sun. The sun’s radiation is captured by the solar panels, sent to an inverter and converted to electricity. Since the sun is always going to be there as life exists, we have the ability to capture that energy and use it.

The top advantages of using solar energy:

  • renewable energy source – the sun burns every single day, all day, and lights up our days in every part of the world. This means that electricity from solar energy exists everywhere. As a rule of thumb, locations closer to the equator has the greatest potential solar energy capability. It is interesting to note that the sun burning for 1 hour has the ability to power the world for around 1 year. Unfortunately, we can only harness around .001 percent of this energy which will increase with technology.
  • technology – just like computers, solar panels and accessories are constantly advancing. Cost of solar panels are going down, ability to capture more energy is going up.
  • lower your electric bill – the goal is to install solar panels to eliminate your electric bill. This is not feasible with all solar installs but it will certainly lower your bill. The ideal situation is to size a system to over produce electricity needs during the day, either store the extra electricity or sell it back to your utility company, then use the extra at night when solar energy is not possible.
  • low environmental impact – going green is the saying and by using solar energy you are lowering, or eliminating, your participation of coal burning emissions. Solar panels and batteries do have toxic chemicals and properties but if handled and produced properly, the environmental impact is minimal. Do your part and dispose of any solar products correctly, don’t throw a dead battery in the trash.
  • biggest reason to install solar panels in 2017 or 2018 – the US federal government is giving a 30% tax rebate for all solar installs. That means if you get a quote from an installer for 15K to install a solar panel system, the system after rebate will only cost you 10.5K.
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