Power Companies fighting uphill battle

Power companies across the country are fighting an uphill that they might not win. They are blaming homeowners for taking advantage of massive government savings programs. These incentives allow homeowners to use clean energy to reduce the cost to their solar energy projects at almost no cost. The government has highly incentivized homeowners to go…

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Australia Company Introduces Solar Bitcoin Currency

An Australian company is introducing its own version of bitcoin that will let homeowners and businesses sell excess energy generated from their rooftop solar panels to neighbors, without a middleman taking a cut. As of Monday, Perth-based Power Ledger had sold about 57 percent of the 100 million so-called “power tokens” offered at 8.8 U.S. cents a…

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Solar Energy In Egypt

With over a population over 90 million strong, a prime location, topography and climate, one would assume a country like Egypt would be perfect for solar energy. The nation’s average level of solar radiation is between 2,000 to 3,200kWh per square meter a year, but this country on the verge of the African Sahara still…

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