Solar Systems Design Inc Offers Homeowners Free Solar Electricity or Solar Hot Water for Up to 12 Months

Solar Systems Design Inc. Offers Homeowners ‘Free Solar Electricity or Solar Hot Water’ for Up to 12 Months by 1a Solar Systems Design

‘Solar Systems Design Inc. Same-As-Cash’ Program offers 0% and No Payments for up to 12 Months.

Newton NJ / Milford PA / Port Jervis NY – Feb 11, 2010 –
Solar Systems Design Inc, one of the leading solar integrators on the East Coast, today announced that it is offering its customers the new ‘Solar Systems Design Same-As-Cash’ program, a fast, easy way to own a high-efficiency Solar PV or Solar Hot Water Thermal system.

“The Solar Systems Design Same As Cash program is a quick, easy way for home owners to enjoy the financial and green benefits of owning a solar system with little or no upfront capital expenditure,” said Elliott J Kayne, President of Solar Systems Design Inc. “Homeowners can defer payment up to 12 months until they receive their state rebates and federal tax refund while generating emission-free solar electric power, or heating their hot water, or pools, and gain immediate savings on their energy bills.

These unsecured, same-as-cash loans, for commercial or residential customers, provide up to $45,000 for solar energy installations – a dollar figure that can be estimated to provide a 6-8 kilowatt system which will deliver, on average, a savings of about $100 per day on their energy bills.

There is no application fee or pre-payment penalty. With a paperless loan-by-phone application process, credit decisions are fast and easy usually generated within 10 minutes.

The average U.S. home, without energy upgrades and conservation measures, uses about 40 kilowatt-hours per day, or 1,000 kilowatt-hours a month. However, with solar panel prices falling worldwide, it may soon be possible to install up to 10 kilowatts for about $40,000, after incentives and rebates.

Solar thermal or heating hot water with the energy of the sun offers an even greater return on your investment. If you are currently heating your hot water with electric, you can reduce your energy bills by 30-40% for as little as $4500 after rebates.

The biggest barrier to residential and small commercial solar installations to date has been the upfront cost of installing enough solar panels to offset the majority of a building’s electrical needs. Federal and state solar rebates offset some of this cost (30 percent of net cost for federal incentives, and up to 30 percent for state and municipal rebates), but this still leaves most of a system’s cost in the homeowner’s hands – an unfortunate development, given the ongoing recession and an overall drop in housing prices.

More important, homeowners can’t even claim the credits until the systems are installed and – in the case of the federal rebate – yearly taxes are filed and processed. Equally as important, lease programs don’t offer ownership opportunity until the systems have reached the end of their effective lifetimes, though they do provide “green” electricity at surprisingly affordable monthly rates.

With no principal payments or interest for up to 12 months, this financing provides homeowners with sufficient time to realize the benefits of the existing 30 percent federal tax credit for the installation of residential solar energy systems, as well as the many state and local tax credits that may be available to certain homeowners.

According to Solar Systems Design’s Vice President of Engineering, Raymond Earle, the funds are readily available, and applications can be taken over the phone. Decisions are also made quickly (often within minutes), and homeowners who take advantage of the loan program can, after the 12-month period, either pay the loan off or convert it to a fixed-interest installment loan.

Solar Systems Design Inc. advertises the rates, as “competitive”, or low-interest, and offers complete financing through mortgage experts who advise homeowners about the best solution for their home and tax status. Interest on financing, if homeowners choose the extended financing, are usually allowed as an equity deduction against tax liability, but check with a tax expert to be certain.

Solar Systems Design Inc. offers complete energy efficient solutions, including Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Geo-thermal, and Pool Heating, in NE PA and Northern NJ. All systems are custom engineered to your building specifications and needs. Solar PV systems are grid-tied, so net metering will reduce electricity consumption from your utility provider to gain additional cash benefits for any electricity sent to the grid. They will perform a Free Site Evaluation to assess your buildings solar energy potential and provide an cost savings estimate.

Margaret Schechter , a homeowner in Sussex NJ., said, “The Solar Systems Design Same As Cash program, along with the New Jersey Clean Energy Fund solar rebate and the 30 percent federal tax credit, opened a window of opportunity to achieve a rapid payback on our solar investment. It’s a win-win for us, the economy and energy independence. They made the loan process very easy, and our high-efficiency Solar system is maximizing the amount of clean power generated on our roof every day.”

“Compared to solar leasing programs available from other companies, Solar Systems Design’s loan programs offer significant tax advantages and the opportunity to easily transfer the solar power system – and its value – when you sell your home,” said Solar Systems Design’s Vice President of Solar Thermal; Glen Metzler. “Why spend years paying to essentially rent a system, when you can enjoy the benefits of ownership today? The time for solar is now.”

About Solar Systems Design Inc.
Solar Systems Design Inc., is one of the leading solar integrators on the East Coast. The company designs and installs solar electric and solar thermal energy systems for commercial and residential applications. For more information visit or call 570-686-2300 for a free site evaluation.

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