SolarEnergyByZip is a tool for home owners or businesses to easily determine the potential of solar energy for any location in the continental United States. To determine the potential solar energy, fill in the address below. You only need to fill in either the city and state or the zip code. You can also click on the map below to find the solar energy for that location.

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Commercial Solar Energy

Many businesses in the states are undergoing rising electricity costs. Right now, in every state, the federal government offers incentives to greatly reduce the use of fossil fuel to provide electricity… up to 35%!

As a business owner creating opportunities to make money is what makes you successful. Take advantage of the current incentives both federally and state to change to solar energy power today. The investement right now will save you thousands if not 100’s of thousands of dollars. Best yet, fill out the form today and learn how to receive your rate of return in less then 1 year!

Photovoltaic panels “PV” can be installed on your rooftop, the ground, and even above your parking lot. PV panels are the #1 source of solar energy in today’s market and can be installed to accommodate any location. The government's Cap and Trade will mandate that by nearing the year 2020 60% of all business owners will be required to find an alternate source of energy for elecricity. This means most likely your business will be required to provide alternative energy or your costs of using conventional fossil fuel sources will double, if not triple, in the next few years. State and federal solar energy incentives are the highest now and will result in the highest available savings to business owners. There are 4 phases over the next decade and each phase will lower the amount of rebates and incentives available to you as the consumer. Act now, fill in your information below and discover your state and federal solar energy incentives and find out how we at Solar Energy by Zip will realize your savings while you actively contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel usage!

* solar energy values provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (“NREL”), which is operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”).