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SolarEnergyByZip is a tool for home owners or businesses to easily determine the potential of solar energy for any location in the continental United States. To determine the potential solar energy, fill in the address below. You only need to fill in either the city and state or the zip code. You can also click on the map below to find the solar energy for that location.
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Newark, NY 14513
Latitude:43.08 Longitude:-77.08

Average Number of Sun Hours: 4.17

Below are the number of panels required to achieve various wattage requirements. For reference, the average house in the U.S. uses approximately 10,000 kW per year.

12000 kW/year: 55 panels
18000 kW/year: 83 panels
24000 kW/year: 110 panels
48000 kW/year: 220 panels
72000 kW/year: 330 panels

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* solar energy values provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ("NREL"), which is operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE").
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